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Unhealthy food hazard. Awareness. Cause and effect.

„Jemy coraz więcej śmieci”. Interview with biologist and nutritionist Dr. Grazyna spider

On the shelves are full of food chemistry nafaszerowanej, and some names of additives is difficult to even pronounce. Do you know what you eat ? We are buying groceries aware of this, that some components of foods can harm our health? About it, the impact on our health is proper diet and why you should avoid processed foods says biologist and nutritionist Dr. Grazyna spider.

Joanna Szubierajska: Reportedly, during the year we eat food around 2 kg chemistry? In which products are the most ?

Dr Grażyna Pająk: 2 kg of food chemistry used to eat a year between 90 these, at this time with food available on the market, We supply an average of body 7 do 9 kg of chemicals a year. Most chemical additives found in all products processed up, high, colored and long before 'date. More 100 years ago we had a choice about 500 products for consumption, now we have them in stores around. 50 thousands but modern food commodities rarely respond to the needs of our body. We eat more and more rubbish, and less and less food.

9 fish is very much. Then how our body responds to these processed nutrients ?

Colorful. At first, not the best we feel, we have no strength, We are irritated, We have sleeping problems and chronic fatigue. Decreases our resistance. As time begins to accumulate many of the symptoms - allergies, intolerance and all kinds of health problems, This organism cry for help. Most often we ignore the signals sent by the body or suppress them summarily swallowing pills for another ailment, and finally we begin to seriously ill.

Institutions foods on the market allowing convince us, processed food that is safe and healthy, meets the legally defined standards, Therefore, it should not be harmful ?

In the mass production of food products food inspection is necessary. There are a number of standards and regulations, so that the processed goods can hit the store shelves. This does not mean, however,, that our body is always accepts them. For centuries man won, He practiced, bred natural food. Then we delivered into the body all the essential nutrients, which built our cells. Today, we eat products and their names, and not the nutrients. Many of them contain foreign substances to the human body. The available products we eat trans fatty acids, huge quantities of sugar and ubiquitous GLUTEN. These products act destructively Us; more 100 years ago completely absent in our diet, Today common and consistent standards, often wrongly they are considered normal food.

Is that why is said to be, that obese people are undernourished ?

Nowadays obesity is mostly due to malnutrition of the body, also the result of overwork, fatigue, excess empty calories, pesticides, GMOs and stay in electromagnetic smog. Paradoxically, more people die from the diseases of civilization, than from hunger. The more times you're losing weight, reducing calories or using different fad diets for a while, We keep weight off for a short time, then we get yo-yo effect. As a result, we weaken muscle tissue, and adipose tissue becomes thicker. Proper weight loss program must remove toxins from the body, make up shortages, improve metabolic, eliminating excess body fat and enhancing the healthy tissue. Such a system allows you to maintain a beautiful figure, good health and the body's resistance without the yo-yo.

And what of storage products and cooking - whether it matter ?

Tak. The basis for healthy meals is the presence of enzymes, which are very sensitive to handling and improper storage. For example, the refrigerator should not store food in plastic bags, better put it in a glass or ceramic bowl with plastic wrap and suck. It is worth remembering, vegetables and fruits that we should not cook for a long time and store it in metal pans. To better the enamel tableware and glass. Let us remember, that the thermal treatment is best fire, steam cookers, devices using halogen light and convection ovens and electric ovens.

A What about the food being prepared in the microwave ?

For years known, that microwave is harmful. Already in the 60 the Russians have conducted a very broad survey, showing, that food from the microwave is just dead. Within seconds, we destroy in a heated food in this manner, all of the enzymes and biologically active compounds. A large amount of free radicals and processed chemicals. In order to digest food dead, the body must use its own enzymes and energy. As a result, instead of providing them with the energy of food, we take it from the body, to digest what we had.

"Let food be medicine, food and medicine "Hippocrates argued. You are actually using diet to regain well-being and health ?

Definitely yes. Hippocrates also spoke, that : "I never understand what disease until we understand what is food". From a biological point of nutrition it is to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients, Animal and vegetable, it needs each of our cell, aby mogła żyć, work, regenerate and multiply. Our bodies are made of 80 do 100 trillions of these living building blocks. Within a day, approximately exchange. 2,5 billion cells in the body. Nourishing it properly, we are able to cleanse the body, regenerate it and dożywić. Then we work differently, using the potential of the human body. Healthy lifestyle every day and properly chosen diet with health problems can work "miracles".

And do cleansing treatments can also do "miracles" ?

Cleansing the body of toxins and deposits is extremely important, especially in the twenty-first century, when we are bombarded with harmful chemicals from all possible sides. Unfortunately, there is no one great diet for everyone. The purification process should be individually adjusted according to, we have problems. The safe way to relieve the body are one-day hunger strike or mono diet of seasonal fruit and vegetables. For many years, I choose a diet for patients individually. The positive effects of well-conducted therapy cleansing, still surprise not only to patients but also to me.

If you do not want to go to a nutritionist, and we are keen to health, This how diet might want to put ?

Proper diet should provide all the essential nutrients, as the most natural. Additionally, we must choose the proportions of ingredients according to our type of metabolism, which orientation can be determined by a test. Eat 5-6 meals a day. By limiting gluten, sugar and trans fatty acids, soybeans, corn, and all up to processed products, we can create a diet, that is safe for the organism. The diet should include cereals and their derivatives (flour,flakes), vegetables including legumes, fruits, Ecological fish and meat, eggs from hens living in the wild, organic fermented dairy products, real butter without additives plant, Clarified butter, olive oil, linseed oil and rice. Eat plenty of almonds, walnuts, słonecznika, dyni, siemienia lnianego, czarnuszki, Herbs. It is worth remembering providing adequate amounts of water - pure and lively.

Thank you for the conversation !